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Understanding the role of an API

API Networks Microservices Abstraction

The software development economy

Economics Management

On continuous integration and delivery

CI/CD Deployment Integration Release Management

What is a container?

container docker namespace cgroup

Laying out a git repository

git layout

Coming to grips with eBPF

ebpf networking xdp

On the nature of knowledge


Architecting a software system for malleability


The magic of TLS, X.509 and mutual authentication explained

TLS X.509 Security Encryption

Using Docker for Fun & Profit

video Kubernetes docker

The curious case of sudden Ansible build failures

Ansible Debugging

A dirty hack to make your docker-compose network services discoverable

docker docker-compose DNS networking

Anatomy of a good commit message

version-control git documentation debugging

The memoir of commit messages

version-control git documentation debugging

Git as the canonical documentation tool

version-control git documentation debugging

Reflections on adopting Prometheus as the standard time series data tooling

observability prometheus time series data

Using git hooks to enforce code style

version-control git code style lint

Managing secrets in git

git-crypt git secrets encryption

Template your commit messages

git commits documentation templating