Project Management

Project management is the process of taking abstract requirements such as "Redesign the checkout" and turning them into specific work items that can be built by the development team.

Broadly speaking, the process is as follows:

  1. Create an issue in the GitHub issues list

  2. Clarify any ambiguities about the issue

  3. Add the issue to the project "todo" list

  4. Develop and release the issue

  5. Repeat

Automated Management

As much as possible issue management is automated. Issues should be automatically updated to reflect works progress as a by product of doing that work; for example:

  • Issues should be automatically closed after that work is deployed

  • Issues should be automatically added to the project board when created

  • Issues that are old and haven’t been touched in a while will be closed as "stale", and need to be explicitly reopened.

There are various "bots" that help with these tasks. These bots are essentially little computer programs that are designed to communicate different states of the project to users, and allow them to respond in a human friendly way.

The best example is the stale bot, which will attempt to close issues if they’ve received no update for a period of time.

Stale Bot

In our experience there is always more work that should be done than the developers will get time to do. This usually means that the number of issues to be completed grows infinitely until navigating the issues becomes a hazard, and there is no hope of ever completing all of the work.

However, what is important now tends not to be important over a longer period of time. Accordingly, while issues might have been created earlier with good intentions, it’s possible that they’re no longer relevant.

The "stale bot" is an attempt to ensure that if work is important it will continue to "bubble up" to the top of the work queue, and work that is not important can fade away.

It will comment on issues that have had no activity after a certain period of time, prompting the project owner to indicate whether that work is still relevant.

If it is no longer relevant or there is no comment on the issue, it will be closed

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