Andrew Howden

Professional Background

Global Fashion Group


2019-04 - Present


Berlin, Germany

Achievements include:

  • Kicked off the replacement of Jenkins CI with the more modern, version control driven CircleCI

Sitewards GmbH


2016-10 - 2019-04


Frankfurt, Germany

Achievements include:

  • Designed and implemented the infrastructure, monitoring and deployment definitions of several production e-commerce systems.

  • Transitioned the company from the monitoring service “New Newlic” to the open source “Prometheus”.

  • Designed and implemented CI/CD for a variety of PHP, Node, Ansible and static HTML services in both BitBucket Pipelines and Travis CI

  • Designed and implemented the “incident response” process used for technical crisis management and resolution.

  • Collaborated in the detection and remediation of unauthorized access to a significant service.

  • Qualified as a “Certified Kubernetes Administrator”.

  • Helped with the organisational understanding of and adjustment to the “General Data Protection Legislation” (GDPR) as it applied to Germany.

  • Implemented a centralised, community managed knowledge base.

  • Evangelised the use, implementation and understanding of various kinds of diagnostic data such as time series, logs, traces and other system introspection tools.

  • Helped implement team analytics to determine the health, mood and stress levels of the organisation.

  • Developed or contributed to both helm chart and ansible roles for OSQuery and the OSQuery fleet management tool “Kolide Fleet”.

  • Organised and chaired development community meetings designed to facilitate knowledge sharing.

  • Helped facilitate an employee evaluation and growth framework.

  • Debugged countless complex production outages.

Fontis PTY LTD


2014-10 - 2016-04


Melbourne, Australia

Achievements include:

  • Collaborated in the maintenance, feature development, deployment and management of multi-million dollar e-commerce stores.

  • Primarily responsible for several major software migrations, site redesigns and feature developments such as the GAZ MAN redesign, Bing Lee checkout redesign and MageAudit.

  • Developed a structure for deploying applications onto Kubernetes continuously, including numerous safety checks.

  • Developed a structure for automatically checking the style and quality of code as part of the standard review process.

  • Developed provisioning tools that create and manage a Kubernetes cluster that tolerates failure of an application, machine or network partition.

  • Developed a template for a JavaScript module that can be loaded by dependency management systems asynchronously.

  • Contributed to open source projects such as Ecomdev_CheckItOut, Boilr and Modd.

Skills & Knowledge

Specialising in developing open source software related to the development, deployment, monitoring and management of internet facing software. List of competencies include:

Software Languages

PHP · HTML · CSS · SASS · Bash · ECMAScript (JavaScript) · Golang · Python · Make · Ruby · JSON+LD · RDFa · sh · SQL


Magento · Laravel · Symfony · Joolma · Hugo · Bootstrap · PostCSS · Phing · Grunt · Polymer · RequireJS · Composer · Bower

Operating Systems

Linux · Windows · Debian · Ubuntu · CentOS · Arch · CoreOS


Docker · Rkt · Kubernetes ·Virtualbox · NGINX · Apache HTTP · Docker Compose · Calico · Flannel · TravisCI · Jenkins · Netcat · Tcpdump · cURL · Aptitude ·Yum · Picfit


Prometheus · Sensu · Logstash · Beats · Elasticsearch · Kibana · Grafana


Selenium · Facebook Web Driver · PHPUnit

Software Analysis

PHP · PHPCS · eslint · scss-lint · jsonlint

Website Analysis

Google Analytics · Chrome DevTools · Lighthouse · Google PageSpeed Insights · Qualsys SSL Test

Network Protocols

HTTP/1.1 · HTTP/2 · FastCGI · TCP · UDP · TLS/SSL

Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services · Google Cloud · Let’s Encrypt


Pass · PGP ·GnuPG · OpenSSL · HSTS · CSP · Nmap


Boilr · Intellij IDEs · Atom · Git · Arcanist · Phabricator · GitHub · Request Tracker · Modd · strace · strings · xdebug · xdd

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